My artistic vision has been profoundly influenced by my personal travels, as well as conducting business, in 38 states and 23 foreign countries. This collective experience has shaped me like a vessel on the potter’s wheel.

2021 room photos with art 38 a.jpg


My path to painting has been distinctly non-traditional. Although I began to draw in grade school, and was awarded a scholarship to the Houston Museum of Fine Arts at the age of eleven, I lost my interest in drawing a few years later when my family moved to Europe. This move exposed me to new cultural influences that resulted in  a lifelong interest in photography, pottery, textiles and architecture. Architecture became my primary focus, and I eventually became an architect and involved in commercial real estate projects throughout the U.S. and overseas.

My business travels reignited my interest in art and the desire to study, understand and collect art. My thoughts were never far from art of every kind, so virtually every trip included visits to galleries, museums and auctions. This in turn led me to take an oil painting class at Southern Methodist University, and then several watercolor classes. Although the demands of my real estate business kept me from pursuing art as a vocation for another 20 years, I was finally able to make that decision in 2015, and have been painting in acrylic full time ever since.


I feel incredibly blessed to be able to pursue such a high calling.