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My artistic vision is motivated by the belief that art speaks to each of us in unique and personal ways in spite of the barriers that sometimes separate us. Art has the power to bridge to bridge those divides and bring hope and transformation to us.

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I am a painter from Houston, Texas who works in layers of color to create a synthesis of geometric + organic compositions that have their own life and energy. I primarily work in acrylic and other media on canvas.

Through the vocabulary of color, composition and texture, my desire is to create visual stories that evoke an emotional, spiritual or intellectual response and connection with the viewer.

Regardless of our differences, I believe we all share in common  the same basic human desire for love, acceptance, significance and redemption, and that art carries the power to be a compelling force for good.

At heart, I am also an experimentalist, constantly exploring new creative elements, methods and ideas in pursuit of making statements which bring life to the beliefs and experiences which fuel my art.

My creative process is rooted in the belief that each painting is imbued with its own life and knows what it is meant to be. This dialogue begins when I approach the blank canvas and make my first mark, and it continues until we come to a mutual understanding that we are finished. 

I utilize a variety of tools and techniques to create layers of paint and intuitively make marks on the canvas as it speaks to me, creating a visual language that draws the viewer into the story and creates a connection with the art.

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